WhatsApp Mods: Good or Bad? Is it safe to use them?

Hello friends! Today we are gonna talk about WhatsApp Mods such as WhatsApp Aero and GBWhatsApp which have millions of users nowadays despite it being an unofficial app. So, why is it so popular and why are people using it? If it’s that popular then why it is not available on the Google Play Store? Also, is it safe to use WhatsApp Mods? You will get all these answers in this post. So, read the post till the end.

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What are WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods are the modified versions of WhatsApp that provide some very interesting features to the users that are not available in the official app. Third-party developers used reverse engineering to get the nearly original source code of WhatsApp, modified the code to add new features, and released them with the new name.

Some of the WhatsApp Mods are FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, WhatsApp Plus, etc. You may have heard of these apps. before. These are so popular these days among the users.

Negative Points

There are many negative points or risks of using WhatsApp Mods. In this section, we have shared six main points that you should be aware of before using these mods.

No Privacy

Official WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption by Singal Protocol to protect your chats & calls that only you & the receiver can read. It provides a completely secure & private communication connection. But the chats are not encrypted in these WhatsApp mods. So, anyone can access your chats by intercepting the data stream and then can read your chats. Also, there’s no guarantee that the messages are sent & received through the official WhatsApp server.


Initially, WhatsApp was a paid application with a subscription fee of $1. But later, Meta made it completely free to all the users. Also, there are no ads on it. And I think it will be the same in the future. But WhatsApp mods have ads in them. They show ads banners at the bottom of the app and also fullscreen ads to generate revenue. To use some of its features, you may need to watch a video ad.

Updates Not Available on Google Play Store

These mod applications are developed by third-party developers and Meta doesn’t support these types of apps. All of these apps are unofficial and, hence, not available on the Google Play Store. So, you will not get their updates on the Play Store. You have to look for updates on the websites and manually install them. Also, it may lead you to harmful websites & apps that contain malware, ads, trojans, etc.

Account Ban

As these apps are illegal and are not permitted by the Meta. WhatsApp mod users can be penalized by the Meta by banning their account. Then they will not be able to use WhatsApp on that number temporarily. But if they are caught using the mods again, their account will be banned permanently. And they can’t recover the account again.

WhatsApp mods contain many features that lead you to third-party websites. For instance, stickers, icons, emoji variants, themes & GPS location features require you to visit the third-party website to download them before using them in the app. These websites may contain malware & ads that can harm your device by installing the malware & spreading the trojans. It can cause privacy leakage.

No Cloud Backup Support

Official WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats & data in your mobile storage every day and also provides you the option to backup your data on Google Drive. But in these mods, you will get the feature to back up the data on Google Drive.

Positive Points

Now let’s talk about its positive points or features that attract millions of users. We have shared four main points in the following subsections.

Customization Options

All mods have a fully customizable interface. Users can customize every single thing from its icon to chat bubble shape. Action bar, status bar, navigation bar, list background, menu bar, floating icon, or any part, you can change their style or color as you like fit. It also allows them to set custom wallpaper per contact.


Most of the mods contain 4000+ themes. And these themes will be the same in all those mods. Some of the mods don’t have these themes but come with dynamic video themes. It lets you give a new look to the app every day.

Online Status Options

Freeze last seen, hide typing & recording status, hide second & blue ticks on chats, and hide status seen status features. With these features, others will not know if the mod users are online or not. Most of the users are attracted to these features. And these are the main reason they prefer Mods over the official app.

Other Features

Another most attractive feature of these Mods is the anti-delete message. Users can read even the deleted messages. Some other features are custom password per contact, message scheduler, airplane mode, hide chats, download status, etc.

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Is it worth using WhatsApp Mods?

So, what do you think about the WhatsApp Mods now? Is it worth it to use them instead of the official app? Well, according to me, no. No matter how attractive these features are, they can’t match the privacy & security importance. I mean, what’s the benefit of using these features if your chats get leaked or you get banned. So, I will only recommend using the official WhatsApp.

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