Best Video Editing Apps for Android
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7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2022

Hello friends! Today’s topic is the best video editing apps for Android. Finding the best video editors is quite hard as we have to look at multiple aspects like editing tools, filters, effects, interface, video format support, export quality, etc. To save you the trouble of trying random apps to find the good ones, we are here with a list of the best video editing Android apps

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Open Instagram, YouTube, FB, or any other social platform, and you will see countless stunning videos created by millions of users. Not all of them use PC software to edit & create videos. Many of them edit their videos on their Android device using a video editing app. So, if you want to edit & create your videos like them to upload on social media apps, here are the 7 best video editors for Android.


Video Editing Apps

PowerDirector is one of the best video editing apps that provides a huge library of effects, filters, premade templates, copyright-free music & photos, and all basic editing tools like trim, cut, split, crop, pan & zoom, etc. It has a user-friendly interface and supports both, portrait & landscape modes for editing. Users can easily use it even if it’s their first time using it. 

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It supports 4K resolution. It also has a chroma key to create stunning Hollywood-style action videos with amazing backgrounds. You can also create your own animation using its transform keyframe feature. Additionally, you are getting a skin smoother, stabilizer, reverse, blending modes, and audio tools such as voice changer, denoise, voice-over & extract audio.


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Kinemaster is a well-known video editing app. It has more than a hundred million downloads and is the #1 top-grossing video editing app on the Play Store. Most YouTube creators who edit their videos on Android use the KineMaster. It provides multiple aspect ratios suitable for Instagram posts, stories, & reels, YouTube shorts & videos, TikTok videos, etc. You can add videos, audio, stickers, text, and handwritten text in as many layers as you want. 

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It has varieties of effects, like art, blur, color, distortion, glitch, transforms, etc., transitions like 3D, action, analog, graphic, pixels, etc., and a huge collection of copyright-free music & sound effects. Moreover, it includes a speed limiter that supports up to 8x, a voice changer, and equalizer & reverb presets, chroma-key, custom animation, in/out animations, color filters, and blending modes.


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FilmoraGo is an amazing video editor to creates stunning videos for Instagram, YouTube, FB, and other social media apps. It includes all editing tools such as trimmer, split, cutter, crop, pan & zoom, custom speed controller, rotate, reverses, etc. Other than that, it has chroma-key, opacity, masks, animations, PIP mode, 500+ effects of multiple types, 100+ filter presets, 200+ stickers, customized text, background changer, etc. 

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Its speed controller feature is unique. While other editing apps apply the same speed to the full video clip, it allows you to change the playback speed from 0.2x to 10x at any playback position. It shows the video timeline curve in which you can add points and adjust them to your preferred playback speed. 


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InShot is another popular editing app that allows you to edit your videos & photos to create amazing videos using its powerful editing tools & features. It, too, has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.8 rating out of 5. It has an easy-to-use interface. You can add multiple layers in your videos and adjust them using chroma-key, keyframe transform, masks, blending mode, etc.

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It has 60+ transition effects of glitch, basic, super, film, dissolve, slice, light, fade in/out types, 100+ effects of basic, glitch, fade, beats, film, retro, style, & distort types, and 100+ filter presets that you can apply in a single tap. You can also adjust the intensity of effects & filters. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, warmth, tint, saturation, shadow, highlight, color, hue, vignette, sharpen, and other aspects manually. Additionally, it has the HSL tool that allows you to customize only a certain color.

GoPro Quik

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GoPro Quik is not like other video editing apps. It comes with an auto-edit feature that edits & creates your videos depending on the beat of the music. You can also edit the video manually if you want. Its trim tool automatically trims the best parts of the video that keeps the video & audio both in sync without dropping the quality. When you trim a clip manually, it shows an option of beat-sync that adjusts the manual trimmer clip to sync with the audio. 

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It includes 100+ effects, 50+ text styles, a volume controller, and a speed tool. Its speed tool has two modes – freeze and playback speed. Using the freeze mode will stop the current frame till the selected timeline. And using the playback speed mode, you can customize the speed from 0.2x to 7x at multiple parts of the clip. You can also connect this app with your GoPro camera to access GoPro to capture photos directly from the app.

Alight Motion

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Alight Motion is an advanced-level video editing app that allows you to create your own animations, motion graphics, effects, filters, and much more. It has a little hard to use in other comparisons. But it also provides tutorial videos. If you learn to use it, believe me, you can create mind-blowing videos with unique filters, effects, & animations. 

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It includes 160+ basic effect blocks to create countless effects; keyframe animation to create unique animations; and grouping, masking, opacity & blending modes to mix multiplayer layers perfectly. You can export your project up to 4K resolution or any custom resolution below 4K and in MP4, GIF, or image sequence. 

VideoShow – Video Editor & Maker

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VideoShow provides all basic editing tools, effects, filters, effects, stickers, and much more to edit the videos along with additional tools like a video compressor & audio extractor. You can also create a slideshow using your photos. It has thousands of ready-to-use templates. In the premade templates, you only need to select your video or photos, and all the effects & filters will automatically apply to the selected videos & photos in a single tap.

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You can add music, sound effects, voice-over, stickers, text, GIFs, doodles, subtitles, etc. to the video. If you want to use the audio of any video, then you can use its audio extractor to extract that audio to use in your video. It supports export in up to 4K with 60FPS. You can save the video in MP4 or as a GIF as well.


Do I need to pay to use video editing apps?

No. All video editing apps mentioned in this post are free of cost. However, they contain pro/premium subscriptions that allow you to use premium features. 

Can I add my dialogue to the videos using these video editing apps?

Yes. All these apps have a voice-over feature that lets you record your dialogue in real-time.

Do these apps have chroma key features?

Yes. Kinemaster, Alight Motion, PowerDirector, FilmoraGo, and InShot apps have chroma ket feature.


These days sharing videos on social platforms like Instagram, FB, YouTube, etc. is normal. Users edit videos, add amazing effects & filters to make them mind-blowing, and share them with others. New creators are emerging to show their creativity as well. But finding the right video editing app can be overwhelming. 

Therefore, we have shared the 7 best video editing apps for Android in this post. All these apps are free and have all editing tools and features like effects, transition effects, animations, filters, etc. You can use any of these apps as you prefer to edit your videos. We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and reading. Have a nice day!