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Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generators in *2022* 100% Working

Hey friends! Are you looking for a Rapidgator premium link generator? That must be very tiring as there are so many premium link generators on the internet and choosing the best of them is such a drag. Well, to make it easy for you, we are here with this post in which we are going to share some of the best Rapidgator premium link generators. 

Downloading & uploading the files on the internet requires a good data connection as well as a good file hosting service. Most of the services are paid services. Some of them are free but have limited features. They also include a premium subscription to enjoy its premium features. Rapidgator is one of them. But you can use the premium features of Rapidgator using the Rapidgator premium generator

In this post, we are going to explain everything about Rapidgator, its plans & pricing, and its free & premium features along with the best Rapidgator link premium generator, and how to use them. So, stay with us till the end.

What is Rapidgator?

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Rapidgator is a popular file hosting website that allows users to download & upload their files on it. They can share the URLs to their files & folders with their friends or the world online. It is used by millions of users to store their data & share it with others. It’s like cloud storage. 

You can upload any kind of data like documents, media files, applications, etc via FTP, direct file uploads, or remote uploads. But it stores your files only for 2 months. After that, your files will be deleted automatically. It also has apps on Android & iOS so that users can access their files anywhere & anytime. 

Plans & Pricing

Rapidgator is a freemium service but also includes premium subscriptions. In the premium membership, you will enjoy up to 12TB bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited simultaneous downloads & many other features. Look at the table below for its plans & prices.

1 Month
1 TB
Unlimited Storage*
1 Month
1 TB
3 TB Storage
1 Month
6 TB
Unlimited Storage*
2 Months
2 TB
3 TB
3 Months
4 TB
Unlimited Storage*
3 Months
4 TB
3 TB Storage
6 Months
6 TB
Unlimited Storage*
12 Months
12 TB
Unlimited Storage*
12 Months
12 TB
10 TB

I wrote “unlimited storage*” in some of the plans. In those plans, you get unlimited storage. But after 2 months since anyone downloads the files, all the files will be deleted automatically. 

Free Vs Premium Rapidgator

There’s so much difference between the free & premium subscription. To compare their features, we have shared a table:

Limited Speed
Unlimited Speed
Simultaneous Downloading
Download Restriction
1 File per 2 Hours
No Restriction
Waiting Time before Download Starts
1 Minute
Instant Downloading
Pause/Resume Support
Download Accelerators Support
Direct Linking
No Ads
Maximum Size Per File
1.2 GB
80 GB

As you can see, you can’t download multiple files simultaneously and also have to wait 2 hours to download the second file in the free account. But in the Rapidgator premium, you can download unlimited files simultaneously without waiting. You can also pause & resume the downloading, unlike the free account which has no resume support. 

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

Rapidgator premium has amazing features that anyone wishes to enjoy. But the premium subscription’s cost is too high. That limits them to the free account at low download speed & limited storage. To help those users, many premium link generators are available on the internet that allows them to download files from these premium hosting sites like Rapidgator as a premium member. You can use them to get premium links.

So, what are Rapidgator premium link generators? These are the websites & tools that create premium links of the inserted Rapidgator link. Using that link, you can download files at high speed as if you are a premium member. You don’t have to wait before or after downloading. And you can also pause the downloading & resume later. 

These link generators are also called Rapidgator premium leech, Rapidgator leecher, or Rapidgator leech sites. So, don’t be confused when you hear these terms. All of them are premium link generators. In the following subsections, we have shared some of the best generators you can use to create premium Rapidgator links. 


Deepbrid is one of the best Rapidgator link generators that provide you with premium Rapidgator links. It supports 80+ more other file-hosting services. It’s a free service but you can also buy its membership to enjoy some premium features. You can download up to 5 files of 1.2 GB each. 

To create the link using Deepbrid, you need to create your account first. Here’s are the steps you can follow to create your account:

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator
  • Then click on the ‘register’ button at the top right corner.
Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_11
  • Now, fill all the required info in the fields like email, username, password, etc. Mark the “Terms & Conditions” and click on the next button.
Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_2
  • After that, you need to verify your email. You will receive a code in your email. Fill that verification code for the account verification. 
  • Done. Your account is created. 

After creating your account, follow these steps to create a Rapidgator premium link.

  •  Log in with your account on deepbrid website. 
Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_3
  • Now click on the “Downloader” option.
  • Here you will see two fields.
  • Copy the Rapidgator file link in the first field. Second field ‘password’ is optional. 
  • Then click on the generate button. 
  • After that, you will get your Rapidgator premium link.


Cocoleech is another best Rapidgator premium generator with free & premium memberships. You can create up to 5 premium links at once. Also, there’s no need to register. Just copy & paste your link, and you will get the premium link.

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_4

To create the premium link, follow these steps:

  • Visit cocoleech website.
  • On the homepage, there will be a field. Paste the Rapidgator file link here.
  • Then click on the “Generate Premium Links” button.
  • It will create the premium link successfully.

Neo Debrid

Neo Debrid is also a free premium link generator. It supports 30+ file-hosting services and also has torrent-downloader & VPN tools. You can use it without registering an account. With its clean interface, you can generate premium links without any problem.

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_5

Follow the steps to generate a Rapidgator premium link.

  • Open the Neodebrid website. 
  • On the homescreen, there will be an input field.
  • Paste the Rapidgator link in that field and click on the generate button.
  • It will generate the premium link of the Rapidgator file.

Leech Ninja

Leech Ninja is another premium link generator that requires no account registration. You can generate the links for free. It has a clean & user-friendly interface. You can use it on the first try. Also, there are no ads on this website.

Rapidgator Premium Link Generator_6

Here are the steps to use it:

  • First of all, visit LeechNinja homepage.
  • You will see the input field on the homepage. In this field, paste the Rapidgator link.
  • Now complete the captcha and mark the “I agree to the Terms”.
  • Then click on the generate button. 
  • Done. You will get the premium Rapidgator link now.


What are premium link generators?

Premium link generators are the tools or websites that create another link of the inserted Rapidgator link. The created link will allow you to download the Rapidgator file as a premium member at high downloading speed & without any wait. 

Are Rapidgator premium link generators and Rapidgator leecher the same?

Yes. Rapidgator leecher and generators are the same. These are also known as leech sites. 

How to create premium links using these generators?

Copy the Rapidgator file URL and paste it in the field given at the link generator website. Then click on the generate button and it will create the premium link. On some websites, you may need to create your account first. 


Thanks for visiting and reading the post. Rapidgator is an amazing file-hosting website that allows users to save their files & also share them with others. But due to its high-price premium membership, they can’t enjoy the premium features. 

In this post, we have shared Rapidgator premium link generators that create the premium links of Rapidgator so that users can download them at high speed just like a premium member. We also have shared how to use Rapidgator link generators. We hope you will be able to get premium links using these Rapidgator leechers without facing any issues. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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