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Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts with Passwords: *March 2022* Updates & Other Methods

Hey friends! What’s up? Are you looking for free Rapidgator premium accounts? Then you have reached the right place. In this post, we are going to share Rapidgator premium accounts & passwords, and several methods to get free Rapidgator premium accounts. So, read the article till the end.

Today everyone has WIFI and unlimited data connection, right? And the size of data they store increases every day. The safest place to save the data is file-hosting services as you can access them from anywhere and there is a negligible chance of losing the data. Rapidgator is one of those file-hosting services.

Most of the users know about Rapidgator and use its services to store & share their data. But due to the limited features in freemium and its high chances of premium subscription, they look for free Rapidgator premium accounts & passwords so that they can enjoy its premium features & download data at high-speed. And to help those users, we have written this article.


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Rapidgator is a file-hosting and file-sharing website. It allows users to store their data on it and also share the files with their friends or others. They can store any type of data like documents, media files, images, applications, software, etc. It also has its Android & iOS apps. Users can log in with their accounts and access their files anytime they want.

Millions of users use Rapidgator to store & share the data on it. It comes with a free and premium membership. The free members can use only its limited features like low downloading speed, waiting time before & after downloading, limited storage, etc. And they can’t share above 500 MB of data. Above that, they have to subscribe to its premium plan.

Rapidgator Premium Plans

Rapidgator includes 12 premium plans starting from $14.99 to $99.99. In the premium plans, you will enjoy maximum download speed. There will be no ads on the website or app. You don’t have to wait before or after downloading files and also the downloading will start instantly. You can download up to 80 GB of data and you can pause & resume the downloading. 

Here’s a table of premium plans with the validity, bandwidth & storage details.

30 Days
30 Days
3 TB
60 Days
3 TB
90 Days
90 Days
3 TB
30 Days
180 Days
365 Days
365 Days
10 TB

In the plans with unlimited storage, you can store unlimited data. But the data will be deleted after 2 months of the last download. 

Features of Rapidgator Premium Plans

Premium features of Rapidgator are so amazing. Just read the list written below to know about them.

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  • You can store & download unlimited files.
  • No waiting time before downloading. Just tap on the download button and downloading will start instantly.
  • There will be no ads and you will not be forced to another pop-up page while downloading.
  • You can download up to 80 GB of files.
  • It supports simultaneous downloads. You can download multiple files at once.
  • You can download as many files as you want, unlike a free account in which you have to wait for 2 hours to download another file.
  • It also supports the pause/resume feature. 
  • Direct linking and download accelerators are also supported in the premium account. 

Methods for Getting Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts

Rapidgator Premium Accounts

Rapidgator subscription plans are costly. So, not many users can afford them which restrict them to the free account with limited features. Don’t worry. We are going to share methods on how to get free Rapidgator premium accounts. You can use these methods to get accounts completely free of cost. 

Use Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts & Passwords

The first method is to use the premium Rapidgator accounts that we have shared in this section. Using these accounts is also so simple. Just pick any account & password, and log in on the Rapidgator.net website. On logging in, you can use all the premium features of it completely free of cost. There’s no need to buy any subscriptions.

We update these accounts regularly. So, don’t forget to check this post daily to get new accounts. Also, don’t change the password of these accounts. If you do, others will not be able to the account anymore. Also, we will stop sharing accounts. Getting these Rapidgator premium account usernames and passwords is not an easy task.

Get Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts using Cookies

Another method is to use Rapidgator premium cookies to get the premium accounts. I guess you know what cookies are. If don’t, then let me give you some basic information about cookies. Cookies are the files stored in the browsers that include information about your login details. And the sites use those files to recognize you & automatically log you in on the website. 

For example, have you ever login on to any website like FB, Insta, Amazon, etc., and accidentally closed the tab? And when you open the tab again, you are logged in automatically. That’s because of the cookies. They stored your session & login details of that website and the site used them to identify you.

We can export those cookies, and import them on another device to use the same account without entering a username & password. Likewise, we can use premium cookies of Rapidgator to access the premium Rapidgator account. In this section, we have shared Rapidgator Premium cookies

Here are the steps to use these cookies:

  • First of all, download any of the shared premium Rapidgator cookies
  • Then open your browser and install an extension named ‘EditThisCookie‘. 
  • Now go to the official Rapidgator.net website. 
  • After that, click on the ‘EditThisCookie’ extension icon. It will open a small window that shows all the cookies of that website.
  • Now delete all the cookies shown in that window. 
  • Then click on the import button and paste the cookies here. 
  • After that, refresh the website. We will be logged in on the Rapidgator site via premium account.

Note – Don’t log out or change the password when using these cookies. It will update the cookies and the shared cookies will not work again.

Use Rapidgator Leech Websites

The premium features users want to use are the maximum downloading speed, no waiting time, no restriction on simultaneously downloading, resume support, and the feature to download up to 80 GB of file. They don’t want premium accounts to upload files as far as I know. In that case, they can use Rapidgator leech websites or Rapidgator Premium link generators. Leecher and generators are the same so don’t be confused with these terms. 

Many Rapidgator leecher websites and generators are available on the internet. You can use any of them. If you want a complete guide on Rapidgator Premium link generators and which generators are the best, you can read our post – Best Rapidgator Premium Link Generators 2022: 100% Working

We have explained everything about the premium link generators in that post along with the complete step-by-step guide. 


What is the download limit in the premium account?

You can download unlimited files in the premium account. There’s only one limit on how large a file you can download and that is 80 GB per file. 

How long will the files be stored on the Rapidgator?

The file will be deleted after 30 days since the last download while 60 days in the premium account.

How to use Rapidgator leech websites?

On the leech websites, you will find an input field. You have to paste the Rapidgator link in that field and then click on the Generate button. It will generate the Rapidgator premium link. 


Thank you for visiting and reading the post. Rapidgator premium has good features and anyone would like to use them. In this post, we have shared free Rapidgator premium accounts and methods you can use to get free premium accounts. We hope you can, now, get Rapidgator accounts without facing any problem using these methods and enjoy the premium features for free. If you have any questions, or still got any issues, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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