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Download QPST/Qualcomm Flash Tool (2022) Latest Version: Explained Step-by-Step Guide

Hello friends. Welcome to our post – Qualcomm Flash Tool in which we are gonna share its latest version full setup, installation guide, and how to use it to flash the latest stock firmware on the Qualcomm chipset powered devices. Also, it’s compatible with most Windows like XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. So, you will not face any issues while using any of these Windows. So, let’s get started.

What is Qualcomm Flash Tool?

QPST Flash Tool Download

Qualcomm flash tool or QPST tool (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) is a Windows application that allows you to download and flash stock firmware on Qualcomm chipset-powered devices. Most Android devices have Qualcomm chipsets these days. And with this tool’s tool, you can easily flash stock firmware on all these devices. 

QPST tool does not only have the flashing feature but also has the backup & restore feature, firmware downloader, QPST configuration options, programming data saving options, and much more that will help you a lot during the flashing process. Want to know about the features in detail? Read the next section.

Features of Qualcomm Flash Tool

Qualcomm Flash Tool comes with many amazing features. In this section, we have written down all the features with details. These features are as follows:

Easy-to-Use Interface

It has a user-friendly interface and has no complex navigation. Users can use it without any issues even if it’s their first time using it. When flashing the device, it shows progress bars as well as complete logs with direct commands on everything. 

QPST Configuration

In the QPST Configuration, you can monitor all active devices’ status with available serial ports and active clients as well. It also allows you to use QPST Configuration on other QPST Clients.

Backup & Restore Feature 

It comes with a backup and restores feature too. There’s no way doing something will always be successful. Just like that, flashing the firmware can go wrong in some cases. To avoid any data loss in that situation, you can back up the system data using this tool before the flashing. In case your data gets wiped out during flashing, you can restore the backup to recover all the data via this tool. You don’t need to use any other tool for backup. It will save your time as well as effort. 

In-Built Firmware Downloader

If you don’t know which firmware you need for your device, don’t worry. Qualcomm tool includes a built-in firmware downloader. It automatically detects the connected device model and its latest firmware. Then you can download the latest firmware on your computer. It also shows an option to automatically flash the firmware after downloading it. 

Download Qualcomm Flash Tool

In this section, we have shared the Qualcomm flash too full setup download link. You can use it to get its latest version. Also, you can install it on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It is compatible with all of these.

How to Install Qualcomm Flash Tool

We are going to share the installation guide for Qualcomm Flash Tool. If you know how to install the tool, then skip this section. Otherwise, read & follow the steps given below one by one. 

  • First, download QPST tool using the download link given in the previous section. 
  • The downloaded file will be in ZIP format. So, you will need to extract it. After extracting it, you will see these files in the folder as shown in the image below.
  • Now, open the  “QPST.exe” file. It will open the QPST InstallShield Wizard window. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool
  • Click on the Next option.
  • Then accept the terms & conditions by selecting the “I accept the terms in the liscense agreement” and then click on the Next option.
Qualcomm Flash Tool_1
  • Now, if you want to install the tool to the desired location, click on the change option and select the location. Otherwise, click on the Next option. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_2
  • Select the Complete option and then click on the Next option. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_3
  • After that, the wizard will be ready to begin the installation. Now, click on the Install option. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_4
  • It will start installing the QPST Flash tool on your computer and will take a few minutes.
Qualcomm Flash Tool_5
  • Once completed, click on the Finish option.
Qualcomm Flash Tool_6
  • Done. The Qualcomm Flash tool is successfully installed on your computer and now you can use it to flash firmware to your device. 

Steps to Use Qualcomm Flash Tool

Before using the Qualcomm flash tool to flash the stock firmware on your device, make sure to back up the device’s data as flashing the firmware can wipe out the device’s data. Also, you can use this tool to flash the firmware on Qualcomm chipset-powered devices (NAND and NOR Flash) only. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Qualcomm flasher tool:

  • First, download & install the Qualcomm USB Drivers on your computer. The QPST Tool that you downloaded from this post includes the USB driver. 
  • Then download & install the QPST Flash Tool on your computer. Use the download link given in the post to download the latest version of the tool. The installation guide is already explained in detail in the above section.
  • After installing the USB driver & QPST tool, go to the following location:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin
Qualcomm Flash Tool_7
  • Now, connect your Qualcomm device to the computer via USB cable. 
  • Then, open the file named “QPSTConfig” in the folder. It will launch the QPST configuration.
Qualcomm Flash Tool_8
  • In the QPST Configuration window, click on the Ports menu. Here, it will show the connected device. 
  • Next, click on the Start Clients in the top menu bar and then on the Software Download option. It will open a new dialog box.
Qualcomm Flash Tool_9
  • After that, tick the little box appearing beside the Device Image option and then click on the Browse option. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_10
  • Now go to the folder where the firmware that you want to flash is stored and select the firmware (.hex). 
  • Then, click on the Browse button beside the Boot Image and select the BOOT_LOADER.HEX file. It also comes with firmware. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_11
  • Next, click on the Start button to start the flashing.
  • On completion, you will see a green bar at the bottom of the dialog box. 
Qualcomm Flash Tool_12
  • Now disconnect the Qualcomm device and restart it. Done.

Qualcomm Flash Tool Alternatives

Qualcomm Flash Tool is not the only tool to flash the stock firmware on Qualcomm devices. There are many alternatives you can use for the same purpose. Some of the best alternatives are Mi Flash Tool, Qualcomm tool eMMC v2.2 Download Tool, Qualfat Tool, QFIL Flash Tool, Qcon Phone Download Tool, Smart Phone Upgrade Tool, and GNQC Download Tool. All these tools support Qualcomm devices such as Lyf Wind 7. You can easily flash firmware using these tools.


What QPST Tool is used for?

QPST tool is used to flash stock firmware on any Qualcomm device.

Can I use Qualcomm Flash Tool with devices other than Qualcomm?

No. Qualcomm Flash Tool is specially made for Qualcomm chipset-powered devices and will not work on other devices.

Can I backup system data using the QPST tool?

Yes. It comes with the backup & restore feature that allows you to do that.


Thank you for visiting and reading the post. Qualcomm Flash Tool or QPST tool is an amazing tool that allows you to easily flash the latest firmware to any Qualcomm-powered device. In this post, we have shared the features of this tool, download link, a complete guide on how to install it, and how to use it. We hope you can now use the QPST tool without facing any issues. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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