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7 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android (Try in July 2022)

Hey friends! Welcome to our new post. Today we are gonna share some of the best & popular Local Multiplayer Games for Android that doesn’t require any internet connection to play with your friends. Everyone knows some online multiplayer games, but only a few of them know local multiplayer games. If you are from the remaining ones and want to know the best local multiplayer Android games, then read the post till the end.

Local Multiplayer Games for Android

It’s good to have some local multiplayer games installed on your Android devices. If you ask me why then here are the reason. There’s no guarantee that the internet will be okay all the time. In that case, you will be stuck with your device, and passing the time will be hard as no online apps & games will work at that time. Then you can play local multiplayer games with your friends via wifi or Bluetooth connection or on the same mobile. Another reason is simple – to have fun with your friends & family.

Below, we have written about the 7 Best Local multiplayer games for Android. You can play them with your friends via a local connection without the internet and also, some of them can be played on the same device. So, let’s get started.

Ludo King

Local Multiplayer Android Game_7

Ludo KingTM, or simply Ludo King, is one of the most popular games with five hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Gametion introduced the classical board game Ludo to the modern world. It has the same gameplay & rules as Ludo as we used to play in our childhood. You can play it online as well as offline with your friend and other players around the world. You can play with up to 8 players on the same device without internet. 

Local Multiplayer Android Game_1

It has multiplay game modes too such as classic ludo, quick match, snake and ladder, online mode, vs AI, pass n play mode, etc. Its snake and ladder mode’s gameboard has 7 different types. You will have fun playing all of them with your friends.


Local Multiplayer Android Game_8

BombSquad is another best game that supports local multiplayer mode. It is offered by Eric Froemling and has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. You can play this game with up to 8 players locally. It has more than 10 game modes such as capture the flag, onslaught, uber runaround, king of the hill, football, hockey, etc. It has power-ups, bombs, and mines to blow up your friends and punches & grab features to throw them down the hill. 

Local Multiplayer Android Game_9

Its controls are physics-based and also very enjoyable. Controlling your character is also a challenge apart from blowing the opponents. It also supports an external controller. You can also use another device as a remote controller to play the game.

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Local Multiplayer Android Game_11

Mini Militia was a very popular online multiplayer game before PUBG, but as we are talking about local multiplayer here, it’s the best game and a hundred million players play it with their friends to shoot them down with a variety of weapons on 20+ maps to get the victory. Up to 6 players can play it. One player can host the game and the other 5 can join him over a local wifi connection. There’s no need for the internet.

Local Multiplayer Android Game_12

It features a simple yet challenging gameplay on a 2D map. Players can fly using the jetpack, pick up weapons, grenades, and melee weapons and compete to get the most kills to win the match. They can choose the map and time period of the match as they like.

Among Us

Local Multiplayer Android Game_6

I think everyone knows about Among Us game as it was a trending game in 2020 and most players were crazy about playing it or watching streams. It features online as well as local multiplayer gameplay. You can play it with 4 to 15 players and set the rules as you like. 

In this game, you will depart on a spaceship with your friends. But some players are imposters who will try to kill everyone on the spaceship. The importers get many sabotage options like reactor meltdown, seismic instability, O2 level, blocks all doors, cut down the communications, etc. They can use them to their advantage in killing others. Other players will get several tasks to complete within a certain time or they will lose. 

Local Multiplayer Android Game_3

They can observe others’ activities and call for a meeting on suspicion. During the meeting, they can vote for who can be an imposter and cast them out of the spaceship. They will win the match by guessing the right imposter or by completing all the tasks. The imposter will win the match by killing everyone on the spaceships. 

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

Local Multiplayer Android Game_5

Tick Tick: A Tale for Two is an amazing puzzle game specially made for two players. In this game, you will find yourself trapped in a clock world full of mysteries & puzzles with your friend. When you start the game, you can choose to play as player A or B. Both players will see different scenes and must cooperate to solve the puzzle as the puzzles & their clues are divided on each player’s side. It doesn’t only challenge you through the puzzles but also tests your communication skills.

Local Multiplayer Android Game_10

You will not find any other game like this one. It has also won the Danish Games Awards 2020, Google Play Awards 2019, and IndieCade 2019 awards. I highly recommend this game.

Crossy Road

Local Multiplayer Android Game_2

Crossy Road is another best local multiplayer game that allows the players to play together on the same device. It has simple yet interesting & challenging gameplay. It includes 100+ characters and multiple game modes like multiplayer, single-player endless mode, bashy beaver, etc.

Local Multiplayer Android Game_4

In multiplayer mode, the screen will be split into two parts with two birds, one for you and the other for your friend. You have to tap the screen at the right time to cross the road without colliding with the traffic. One who crosses more roads will win the match. Its sound effects are also amazing to hear. You will love it for sure. 


Local Multiplayer Android Game

I don’t need to explain about the Minecraft game that is so popular in the world and hundreds of millions of players play it with their friends. It features a survival mode with 5 difficulty levels, and creative, and multiplayer game modes. Players can create a world and host it that other players can join to play together. Or you both can connect to the same LAN. There’s no need for internet in these methods. 

Local Multiplayer Android Game_13

It also has cross-platform compatibility so it doesn’t matter what device your friend is using. You can play together, create your world together, build creative structures & survive together in the game.


How many players can play Minecraft on a local connection?

Up to 5 players can play together in Minecraft on the same local network.

Can I play Mini Militia with my friend on the same team?

Yes. You can join your friend’s team. In the lobby, choose the same color as your friend’s color to be on his team. 

Can I create teams in Among Us?

If you are talking about teaming up with a player in the match, then Among Us doesn’t have this feature. It’s like a solo survival game where everyone is on their own and you can’t trust anyone, not even your best friend. 


Playing Local multiplayer Android games with our friends provides more fun and enjoyable time than other games. You also don’t require an internet connection to play them. So, there will be no issue of internet data or ping. In this post, we have shared the 7 best Local multiplayer games on Android. You can choose any of these games to your liking. 

We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or want to suggest some games you like, please feel free to write in the comment section below. We will reply to you ASAP. Thanks for visiting & reading. Have a nice day!

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