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Free CourseHero Unlocker *March 2022*: Get Unblur Answers & Documents for Free

Hey Guys. We are here with a new post that will help you to get Course Hero free answers, various ways how to unblur Course Hero, and how to get free CourseHero unlocks. If you are searching for any of these queries, then your search is over and you have reached the right place. No need to go anywhere now. Stay with us and read the full article.

Everything is changing at a rapid phase. Technology is progressing rapidly with the increasing number of apps affecting the lifestyle of people. It has an impact on most of the fields including education. There are so many apps and services to help students in their studies. And these apps are proved so helpful & useful during the global pandemic. With the help of them, classes are shifted to online mode as students were unable to go to school & college.

But there are also limitations to online classes. Many students don’t understand the topic clearly taught online. They, then, search for it on the internet so that they can get it & learn it. But there’s a problem too. So many websites are available for study material on the internet and most of them are paid. Course Hero and Chegg are the two best online education platforms but paid. 

To get free Chegg answers and free Chegg accounts, read our article: Free Chegg Answers & Solution 2022. And to get Course Hero answers free, please continue reading this post.

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What is Course Hero?


Course Hero is an online education platform for the students & teachers that provide them with all the necessary services to help them in their studies, homework & assignments. Its company is based in Redwood City, California. Students get access to a hundred million study materials, 24/7 homework help, and step-by-step solutions for any textbook question. 

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Coursehero gives the option to search for study material by school, textbook, literature title, or by subject. Students will get math, science, engineering & technology, business, social science, arts & humanities, history, foreign language, and other subjects related help. They can submit their question and will get their answers in 15 minutes.

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Course Hero Packages

Course Hero comes with 3 subscription plans – Monthly, Quarterly & Annually. The price & features in these plans are as follows:

Months of Access
1 Month
3 Months
12 Months
Save Up to $ compared to Monthly Plan
$60 Off
$120 Off
Free CourseHero Unlocker

These are the plans and pricing of Course Hero. In the quarterly subscription, the monthly payment will be $14.95 and in the annual subscription, it will be $9.95. As you can see, the monthly subscription is costly in all three of them. 

But if you are gonna need the Course Hero for a month, then you have to buy it. That’s is not even an option for many students. They can’t afford it. And without buying Course Hero membership, all the answers, documents, images will be blurred. Don’t worry. This post will help you to get unblur Course Hero.

Methods to Unblur Course Hero Answers

CourseHero Unlocker

There are several ways you can use to get Coursehero free answers. We know that education should be free for all and that’s why we have shared all the methods down below. 

Use Course Hero Free Access

Let me tell you something good. Course Hero provides free access to all its content to the new users for a limited time. After that time, you will need to buy the membership to unblur the answers. So, make full use of that time-limited free access. You can unlock any Course Hero answers for free during that time. Once the free access time is over, create your account using a new email address and get free access again. This way, you can get free Course Hero answers

Course Hero Free Unlocks

Course Hero comes with a feature – Course Hero Free Unlock. These unlock are like credit scores that you can use to unlock any study resource you want and download it for free. It’s an official way of getting answers & documents without spending money. To earn the Coursehero unlock, you can upload your original answers & solutions, rate & review other solutions or refer your friends to the Course Hero.

Some conditions must be fulfilled to earn Coursehero free unlock. Otherwise, you will not get unlocks. For instance, your uploaded solutions should be original and helpful. And you should upload a minimum number of documents required to get a unlock. We have explained all the ways to earn unlocks in the next section. 

Use Inspect Element 

You can use the inspect element of the browsers to unblur Course Hero. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the website. Use this link “” to go there. 
  • Now go to the answer, document, or image you want to unblur.
  • Then select the content that is blurred and highlight it.
  • After that, right-click on the highlighted content and then select the “Inspect” option.
  • It will open a window on the right side of the browser with HTML codes of the selected highlighted content.
  • You will see a “div” tag with an anon-hide obscured parameter. 
  • Now right-click on this “div” tag and select the “Edit Attribute” option.
  • Then type “none” in the “class” element.
  • Reload the page. Now the selected content unblurred will be unblurred. 

Get Free CourseHero Answers by Websites like Trickswire or TricksndTips

Many websites provide the Course Hero answers for free. You can paste your Coursehero question or link on them and get the free & unblurred answer. How do they provide the free answers? Well, they have already purchased the Course Hero subscriptions & unlocked the solutions. They also have added tools to help you get the solution ASAP. Some of the sites that provide Course Hero free answers are,, and 

Google Opinion Rewards

CourseHero Unlocker

You can also use the Google Opinion Rewards app to get unblur Coursehero solutions. If you don’t know what the Google Opinion Rewards app is, then for your info, it’s an app offered by Google LLC that pays its users to complete the surveys. Users will get the survey from time to time. When they complete each survey, they will get money as a reward for completing them. They can enter their PayPal id so that when the payout limit is reached, the money will be sent to their PayPal account. Using this way, you can collect enough money to buy Course Hero membership in this app, then send it to your PayPal account and buy the membership. You will not spend your money using this method. So, it will be free for you. 

Use Plugins to Unblur Course Hero

Many plugins are available on the internet that you can use to unblur answers, documents, and images. Unblur Study Blue is one of these plugins. You just need to install it in your browser. And then it will unblur all the blurred content for free. 

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4 Ways to Get CourseHero Free Unlocks

There are 4 ways to get free Course Hero free unlocks and are officially given by the Course Hero. These ways are as follows:

Upload Resources

You can upload study resources such as solutions and answers on the site to help other students. When you upload 10 documents, you will get 5 free course hero unlocks. But your submitted solution should be original. You can’t copy & paste the content from other sites. It has the plagiarism tools to detect the copied content. 

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Content Stats

you will also get free Coursehero unlocks when your submitted document is unlocked or rated by other users. You will earn 1 free unlock on getting 5 thumb-ups on any document or when your any 5 documents get unlocked by others. 

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Rate & Review Content

You can rate & give your reviews on the solutions and questions to help the community get better. When you rate or review 5 documents, you will get 1 Coursehero free unlock

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Refer Your Friends

The last way to get free unlocks is by referring your friends to the Course Hero. When your friends sign up on the Course Hero, you will get 8 tutor questions for each friend. Also, they will get 20% off on the subscription plans. 



How can I get unblur Course Hero answers?

You can use any of the methods explained in our article to get unblur answers on the Course Hero.

Which is the best method to unlock Course Hero?

Purchasing the membership using the Google Opinion Rewards app is the best method.

Does Course Hero give a trial?

No. Course Hero doesn’t give any kind of trial to its users.

CourseHero Free Accounts

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Thank you for visiting and reading the post. In this post, we have shared 6 different methods to get Course Hero free answers in detail and 4 ways to earn Course Hero free unlocks. We hope you will get your unblurred answers using these methods. I, also, suggest buying the subscription plan. And if you want it free, then use the Google Opinion Rewards method. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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