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Free Course Hero Answers: 7 Best Methods to Get Free Answers in *March 2022*

Hey pals! We are here again, haan! Let’s start without any delay with our new post that will help you to get free CourseHero answers. We do know how hard it is to get help, answers & solutions to our school & college subject questions. And in this digital world where classes are shifting from offline to online mode, it is so important & helpful to have someone by our side that can help us in our education.

In these cases, Course Hero and Chegg are useful to millions of students in their studies. They provide necessary tools & textbook solutions with steps to help them understand the topic. But there’s only one problem and that is their subscription plans which are so costly. And without them, you can’t get answers. No need to worry. We are going to talk about the methods you can use to get free Course Hero answers

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What is CourseHero?

Free-CourseHero-free accounts

Course Hero is a popular education technology website company that provides services & tools completely related to education, and 100+ million course-specific study materials to help millions of students & teachers. This company is based in Redwood City, California, United States. Students can get 24/7 homework help, textbook solutions & explanations from expert educators. 

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All the solutions are explained step-by-step so that you can understand them better. You can search study resources by school, literature title, title, or subject. Textbooks can be searched by their title, author, or ISBN. Biology, Accounting, Mathematics, Chemistry, Finance, Physics, Psychology, Statistics & Probability, Marketing, and all other subjects are available on Course Hero. 

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Plans & Pricing 

Course Hero is a freemium website that anyone can use but with limited access to its content. Users can upload their content like documents, answers, images, etc. They can apply to be a tutor to earn money. It also has premium subscription plans that allow them to access all the Course Hero content with no restrictions. Here’s the table that shows the subscription plans & their pricing details:

Access Period
1 Month
3 Months
12 Months
Save up to
Tutor Questions

In the freemium subscription, you can’t access the full solutions to the questions. But purchasing any of these plans provides the full solutions with each step explained. As you can see in the table, you can save up to 120 USD in the annual subscription. It will be equal to $9.95 per month compared to the monthly subscription which is $19.95. And you can save up to $60 in the quarterly subscription.  Its price will be equal to $14.95 per month.

Methods to Get Free CourseHero Answers

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You may already know that Course Hero doesn’t provide the full solutions to the freemium members. The answers, documents & images will be blurred and locked. And the subscription plans are so costly. We know that not every user can afford them. That’s why we are going to share several methods you can use to get free CourseHero Answers.

Use Free CourseHero Accounts

CourseHero Free Accounts

The first method is to use free Course Hero accounts. Using the free premium accounts, you can access all its content for free. The solutions will be unlocked with a step-by-step explanation. To get free Course Hero accounts, you don’t need to go on other websites. You will get them right here on our website. Read our post: Course Hero Free Accounts & Passwords 2022 for a complete guide & accounts. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Using this method you will get your genuine Course Hero premium account for free. Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app offered by Google LLC. In this app, you will get surveys from time to time. When you complete the surveys, you get money for each survey from Google. 

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Apple users can add their PayPal account to this app and send the money from the app to their PayPal account. Collect enough money by completing surveys and then buy the premium membership of the Course Hero and get access to all its content. It’s the best method as you get a genuine Course Hero premium account without spending the money from your pocket. 

Free CourseHero Answers Tools

Many websites are available in the market that provides free Course Hero answers. They have purchased subscriptions and lots of courses on the Course Hero. To help other students, they provide free answers. They have added a tool to their website to help you as soon as possible. You just need to copy the question or question link in their form, your name & email address. You will get your answer on your entered email for free. Some of these websites are,, and 

Get Free Answers by Uploading Your Study Material

You can upload solutions, practice quizzes, study guides, class notes, or assignments on the site to help other students. On uploading every 10 resources, you will get 5 unlocks. You can use to get 5 free answers to any questions. Also, the uploaded resources should be original and helpful. You can’t copy & paste others solutions. 

Get Free Answers by Rating Content on Course Hero

It is another method to get free answers. When you rate 5 questions or documents, you earn one Course Hero free unlock. You can use it to get an answer for free. Likewise, sharing your reviews on any 5 solutions, questions or documents reward you with one Course Hero free unlock. 

Free Access of Course Hero

CourseHero gives free access to new users to all its content, services & features. In this free access, as the name suggests, users can unlock & access all answers completely free. But free access is time-limited. So, you better take full advantage of that. This way, you don’t need to buy a premium membership. 

Here’s a trick for getting free Course Hero answers without a time limit. You can create as many accounts as you want. You will get free access to all its content in all those accounts. Thus, you can get free CourseHero answers. In simple steps, create your account in which you will get free access for a period, get the answers you want, and when the free access is over, create another account and repeat the same process for more answers.

Search Questions on the Internet

These days you can find almost anything on the internet. And there’s a chance that you will find your free CourseHero answers too. So, if you are searching for any CourseHero answer, search it on Google. There are countless users, websites, forums, communities, & groups related to study material & education. You may find your answer on them. Just enter your question in the search bar of Google, and see if you find the answer. 

CourseHero Answer Downloader & Account Generator

We want to warn new users or inexperienced users about answer downloaders and account generators. Many websites will suggest using Course Hero answer downloader or getting free accounts using the account generator. But don’t use them. They are completely fake and waste your time. They might steal your info. So, better stay away from them.


Is it possible to get free answers on Course Hero?

Yes. It’s possible to get free Course Hero answers without buying a premium subscription. We have shared 7 methods in our post you can use. Read them for their full details.

Can I use an account generator to get free accounts?

No. Account generators are fake & scams. You will just waste your time trying them. So, I suggest not to use them. 

Are these methods safe to use?

Yes. All the mentioned methods are completely safe & tested. You can use them freely to get Course Hero free answers.


Thank you for visiting and reading the post. In this post, we have shared seven methods to get free CourseHero answers without spending a single penny along with Course Hero’s description and its plan & pricing details. We hope you can get your solutions on Course Hero with no issue and help you with your homework. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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