FREE Chegg Answers & Solutions *2022* – Unblur Chegg Solution For Free

Competition has reached another level in today’s world. There’s so much competition in every field from education to getting jobs. As the base is education, if anyone is well-educated & has the knowledge, he can easily get a job. So, it’s so important for any student to get the best services to build his strong base. And free Chegg answers are the perfect answer for that. 

In this post, we are gonna talk about Chegg, what Chegg is and how to get Chegg answers for free. We know how hard it is to complete our homework, assignments and to get answers. Chegg can help us but it’s not free. Its services’ charges are so high that not all students can afford it. To help them get free Chegg answers, we are creating this post. So that they can easily complete their assignments & get solutions without spending money. Education should be free for all, right? 

What is Chegg?


Chegg, Inc., is a popular online education technology company launched in 2005 that provides all the necessary tools & services to students to help them get answers to their questions. It is based in Santa Clara, California, and started trading publicly on the NY Stock Exchange in 2013. Students can rent & buy textbooks (eTextbook & Physical Textbook), get step-by-step textbook solutions, expert Q&A, math problem solvers, and get expert tutors. It’s the best platform for high students & college students. 

Chegg solutions is not a free service. It comes with multiple subscription plans, each with different features & functionalities. Currently, there are 4 subscription plans which are as follows:

Subscription Plan
Monthly Cost
Chegg Study
$ 14.95/Month
Chegg Study Pack
$ 19.95/Month
Chegg Math Solver
$ 9.95/Month
Chegg Writing
$ 9.95/Month

Chegg Study

FREE Chegg Answers

It is the basic subscription plan. It covers Textbook Solutions and Expert Q&A. Textbook Solutions contain millions of solutions with a step-by-step guide for thousands of textbooks. With Expert Q&A support, you can search for millions of solved questions. You can also ask the experts for solutions to your questions. But you can only post 5 questions per month. 

Chegg Study Pack

Chegg Study Pack is a premium subscription plan. It includes all Chegg Study features. The question posting limit is increased to 20 questions per month. Also, you access guided videos, math solvers, writing tools, and practice problems in this pack. You can also use the premium flashcards created by Chegg Experts & Publishers. 

Chegg Math Solver

You can use its math solver for free. But it allows only 3 solutions per day. On purchasing its plan, you can solve unlimited math problems with it. Be it Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus, or Linear Algebra, it can solve all the problems. It also gives a detailed explanation of the solution with each step. If you use the mobile app, you can take a pic of the equation to get the solution. 

Chegg Writing

Chegg Writing helps you to create your notes by checking spelling & grammatical mistakes and plagiarism in your notes. You can also get a professional proofreader to examine your notes carefully and correct the mistakes in your grammar. 

Chegg  Mobile Apps

FREE Chegg Answers

Chegg also has its 5 mobile apps – Chegg Study, Chegg Prep, Chegg eReader, Chegg Math Solver & Mathway. With these apps, you don’t have to visit websites for the solution and you can access Chegg anywhere & anytime with ease. So, these apps are as follows:

Chegg Study – Homework Help

In this app, you can access millions of textbook solutions explained step-by-step. No matter what subject you have, you will get its solutions in this app. You can create flashcards, send a pic of your question to get its answer from experts and watch video solutions to the problems. 

Chegg Prep – Study Flashcards

You have access to 500 million flashcards created by students & experts in this app. It is developed to provide features to users to easily create their own flashcards or use others. You can test how much you have learned by taking quizzes. You can search for flashcards for any subject like history, science, mathematics, engineering, accounts, etc.

Chegg eReader – Study eBooks & eTextbooks

Using this app, you can open any eBook whether it’s on Chegg or in the device’s local storage. It comes with all necessary functionalities like search, highlight, sync., etc. You can access Chegg eTextbook or eBook anytime. With its search feature, you can navigate to any chapter or term in the chapter by its keyword. You can also highlight lines or paragraphs in it.


FREE Chegg Answers

Mathway is a math calculator app. Using it, you can easily solve Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, & Statistics problems. It also shows you the step-by-step explanation of the answer. You can enter the question using the keyboard. And also, you can capture the pic of the problem to get the solution.

Chegg Math Solver – Guided Math Problem Solver

It’s a calculator app just like the Mathway app but advanced. Also, it’s still under development and available as early access on Play Store. It can solve Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, & Statistics problems and will give you step-by-step explanations. You will also get an explanation of why they are solved that way. 

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free


You can’t access the solution on the Chegg for free. The solutions will be blurred if you try to search for them. But there are many methods you can use to get unblur Chegg solutions. These methods are as follows:

Use Free Chegg Answer Tool

Many websites/services provide Chegg free answers. They have tools named Free Chegg Answers in which you can enter your question & its Chegg link, and then it will give you its solution for free. Some of these services are,, and You can visit these sites and use these tools for free. To use the tool, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Free Chegg Answers tool.
  • Now enter the Chegg Question or its Chegg link and your email address in their corresponding fields.
  • Then tap on the “Submit” button. 
  • You will receive your answer for free by mail.

If you want to know how these services provide you free Chegg answers, then here’s the answer. They know that not all students can afford Chegg’s subscription plans. That’s why they purchase a Chegg Study Pack subscription to help you and provide you with the answer. You don’t have to spend any money. 

Try Chegg Study Trial

Chegg Study subscription costs $14.95/Month. But you can try it for free for the first month if you’ve never tried it before. During this trial period, you can access all its tools & solutions. To get the Chegg Study trial, follow these steps:

  • Visit the homepage and create your account using the “Sign up” button given at the top right corner of the site. 
  • After creating your account, select the “Chegg Study Help” option given in the footer section. It will open a new page. Here, you will find the “Try Chegg Study” option. Tap it. 
  • Now click on the sign-up button for Chegg Study, complete your payment via credit card or debit card, and click on the “Join Now” button.
  • Now you can access all Chegg answers for free for a month. You can cancel it anytime you want. It will cost you nothing.

Join Reddit Groups

The third method to get free Chegg solutions is the groups created on Reddit. Many groups are created on Reddit for those who want Chegg unblur answers. You can share your Chegg question and get its unblur Chegg answer in 2 hours. The steps are really simple to get the answer. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Reddit and log into  your Reddit account.
  • Now search “CheggAnswers” in the search bar. And join the CheggAnswers group. 
  • You can also just follow this link “CheggAnswers” and join the group.
  • Then share the Chegg question link in the group. And remember, always paste the link in the Pastebin or you will be banned from the Reddit community. 
  • You will get an unblur Chegg answer in 24 hours.

Google Opinion Rewards App

Google Opinion Rewards App

This method is a lengthy process but with it, you don’t have to rely on other methods and you can buy a Chegg Account for free. Google Opinion Rewards is an app offered by Google LLC. It gives quick & easy surveys from time to time to the users. When users answer these surveys, they get money as a reward in return. They can, then, send the collected money in their PayPal id. Now use that money to buy a Chegg Study subscription plan. It will be a completely free Chegg account for you using this method as you didn’t spend money from your pocket.

Join Telegram Group by or

Many websites provide Chegg solutions for free to everyone through their telegram groups. They created these groups to help students so that they don’t have to spend their money to get Chegg answers. Some of these websites are,, and Trickswire also has a WhatsApp group for free Chegg answers. 

These telegram groups include a Chegg bot that will reply to you within seconds. Just copy the Chegg question link and paste it into the telegram group. In a few seconds, you will get your unblur Chegg solution for free.

Chegg Alternatives

Chegg Alternatives

There are many websites similar to Chegg that provide help to students in their homework, assignment, tests & questions free of charge. You can search your question on these websites for the solution

Course Hero – It’s an American education technology website company, one of the best for students. It has more than 20 million course material generated by users. You can find study resources by school, literature title & subject. Just like Chegg, you can apply for an expert tutor or to be a tutor to earn money. – It is another best Chegg alternative. It has 30 million active students & teachers. You will get access to 30,00 video lessons with step-to-step guides on 3502 courses for all subjects such as math, social science, science, business, psychology, foreign language, lifestyle, general, history, etc. 

Quizlet – Quizlet facilitates you with many tools & flashcards for homework help. It offers millions of solutions in 64 subjects written by experts. You can see the step-by-step solution to your problems. You can also search textbooks by their ISBNs and find step-by-step explanations of all their chapters.

studylib – It’s another best website to get help with your homework. Just open the website and enter your question in its search bar. You will get the best possible solution in seconds. It also has a Chrome extension. Add the extension and search your question directly into it without opening the website. Also, it’s completely free.

Chegg for Teachers

Chegg is not only for the students, it’s also for the teachers. If you think you have the qualifications & experience to teach students and want to teach them, then you can apply to be a tutor on Chegg and earn money. You can apply for any subject of business, engineering, science, mathematics, healthcare, earth science, and many more. To apply to be a tutor, you need to send a copy of your master’s degree or diploma along with your ID. There may be chances of giving a test depending on the selected subject to prove your mastery skills in that subject. After applying for the tutor application, you will get a response in a few days after the Chegg HR team reviews your application.

Once you become a tutor on Chegg, you will get paid $20 for every live lesson on Chegg. Every Thursday, your earned money will be sent to your PayPal account. Isn’t it great? You can earn part-time money. Oh, one more thing, it costs you nothing to apply as a tutor. 


Can I get unblur Chegg answers for free?

Yes. You can get unblur Chegg answers for free. Just use any of the methods mentioned here and you will get the free Chegg solution.

Does Chegg have a trial?

Yes. Chegg Study plan offers a trial of one month to a new user. You can use this trial to get free Chegg answers.

Are there any websites similar to Chegg?

Yes. There are many similar websites such as Course Hero,, Studylib, Slader, etc. You can use these websites as Chegg alternatives.


Chegg is one of the best online education technologies to help students with their homework. But it’s expensive as well. Therefore, we have shared various methods to get free Chegg answers. You can use these methods with no problem. All the methods are trusted and tested. You can also use Chegg alternatives such as Course Hero, Quizlet,, etc. that have similar functionalities & tools and provide textbook solutions. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below. Have a nice day!