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10 Best Clash of Clans Private Servers – Download Now

Hello friends! Today we will talk about the Clash of Clans Private Servers which are getting more popular with each passing day for their features such as unlimited gems, gold, & elixir, commands, unlocked hero skins, etc. We will also share the download links for all servers that you can use to download Clash of Clans Private Server without wasting any time.

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game offered by Supercell. It was released on August 2, 2012. Its gameplay is simple. Build your village and protect it. You will attack other players, loot their resources, and use that resources to build & upgrade your village’s buildings. It sounds simple, but playing it is very interesting and also addictive. 

clash of clans Private Server

There are 20+ kinds of troops, 12 types of spells, 4 heroes, 6 siege machines, and 4 pets to create an army. With these many varieties, you can create countless attack strategies to destroy the opponents. You can join clans and play with other players & friends, chat with them, and start wars with other clans. And that’s where all the fun is. 

What is Clash of Clans Private Servers?

Clash of Clans Private Servers is the modified version of COC having a private server that provides unique features to the players and removes the limitations faced by them in the official server. Some of the features are unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir, etc., unlocked in-game content like hero skins, sceneries, etc., and commands to instantly add more features.

clash of clans Private Server

You can also use the terms Clash of Clans MOD or COC MOD for them. The reason behind creating the private servers & modify the COC is that many players were trying to get unlimited gems in the official game. And the Supercell’s fair gameplay policies are very strict and state that if you try to use any kinda hack or cheat, then the Supercell will ban your account permanently. And Supercell did ban lots of such accounts. To avoid the account ban, COC Private Servers are created.

List of Clash of Clans Private Server

There are many COC Private Servers available on the internet created by many third-party developers. If you don’t know about them, here’s the list of all private servers:

Some of these versions mentioned in this list have multiple servers and each server provides some unique features. For instance, Clash of Magic has four servers, out of which S1 & S4 are fully modified, S2 is half modified, and S3 has everything original with unlimited resources. You can choose any server you want to play with.

MOD Features

COC Private Servers are packed with amazing features that make it easy for players to progress in the game and allow them to use all the in-game content from the starting. In the following subsections, we have written some of the best features you get in these modified servers.

Unlimited Resources

Everything in the COC depends on the resources. For buildings, upgrading, training, and brewing, you will need resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir. But collecting them is a very lengthy process. Therefore, you get unlimited resources in all the private servers to save your time & efforts. You don’t need to focus on the number of resources in the attacks anymore. Just focus on getting 3 stars.

clash of clans Private Server

Unlimited Gems

Gems are of great importance in the game. Players use them to buy hero books or instantly finish any upgrades. But collecting the gems is the hardest job. It will take over months to collect just 500 gems excluding achievements. But in these private servers, there are unlimited gems. You can use as many gems as you want and instantly upgrade anything. 

Unlocked Hero Skins & Sceneries

Supercell releases amazing hero skins & village sceneries every once in a while but real money. It restricts most of the players from buying them as they can’t afford to spend money on games. But you can use any hero skin or scenery for free in these COD MOD. They have all skins & sceneries unlocked from the start. Just choose any skin and apply it.

clash of clans Private Server

Free Gold Pass

The gold pass includes so many items like books, runes, upgrading & training time reduction, upgrading cost reduction, and an exclusive hero skin. But can you spend money to buy the gold pass? No, right? Neither can I. In this MOD, you are getting the gold pass free of cost. No need to spend any money. This way, you can enjoy all gold pass features & get the exclusive hero skin. 


Commands are the best features in these private servers. 10+ commands allow you to instantly add magic items, medals, unlock hero skins, all super troops, sceneries, remove all obstacles in one tap, maximize everything in the village, etc. It will not take you time to reach TH14 MAX.

clash of clans Private Server

Installation Guide

There’s no need to worry if it’s your first time installing the app and don’t know how to do that. We have shared a complete installation guide. Just follow each step one by one to successfully install the Clash of Clans Private Server MOD APK.

  • First of all, Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK of your choice.
  • Then you will need to enable the installation of third-party apps. To do that, go to the path mentioned below depending on your Android version.
    • On Android 8 and below: Settings >> Security & Privacy and enable the “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
    • On Android 8+ Versions: Settings >> Privacy Protection >> Special Permissions >> Install Unknown Apps. Here, it will show the complete list of apps. Select & tap on the File Manager. Then enable the “Allow from this source” option.
  • Now, open File Manager and navigate to the folder where the Clash of Clans Private Server APK is stored.
  • Next, tap on the APK. It will pop up a window asking you to install the APK.
  • Then tap on the Install button. It will start installing the app and will take a few seconds.
  • After completion, open the Clash of Clans Private Server MOD game from the app menu and enjoy the game with its amazing features.


Are these Clash of Clans private servers free or paid?

All COC Private Servers are completely free to use and also have no in-app purchases.

Do I need to root my device to install these private servers’ APK?

No. There’s no need to root the device. All the private servers have root-free APKs just like other APKs. You can install it on your Android device using the installation guide given in this post.

Does it include the gold pass?

COC private servers have the gold pass and provide it to the player for free.


Clash of Clans Private Servers are the final destinations of players who want to play COC with unlimited gems & resources, and can’t wait years for TH14. Using their commands, they can instantly upgrade the TH and all other buildings to max level including troops, spells, and heroes. And you don’t need to worry about the ban as you will play on a private server and not on the official one. So, your account will not be banned. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will reply to you ASAP. Have a nice day!