Best Offline RPG Games for Android
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10 Best Offline RPG Games for Android

Hello guys. Today we are here with the Best Offline RPG Games for Android that have amazing storylines & settings to immerse you completely in the MC’s roles. If you love RPG games and are looking for them, then you have reached the right place. In this article, we have sorted out some of the best RPG games that don’t require any internet connection. So, stay with us and read the post till the end.

What’s so great about offline RPG Android games is that there’s no need for an internet connection to play them. Once you download & install them, just forget about the internet. It helps so much on our unlucky days when the internet data runs out or wifi goes down. Also, they don’t have any ping issues.

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What are RPG Games?

RPG is the acronym for role-playing games. In such types of games, you will play the protagonist in a fictional setting and continue his story as your own. You will make decisions, fight against enemies, complete quests & missions, face bosses, and progress through the story. Some RPG games also have multiple stories endings in which the decisions you take will also affect the story of the game.

Best Offline Android Games

So many RPG games are now available on the Play Store. And finding good RPG games is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you go for a random game, then there’s no guarantee that it will be good. It may waste your time. To help you in that matter and save your precious time, we have created this article and a list of the best offline RPG games for Android. So, you don’t have to waste your time finding good RPG games or picking random games. Just read this post and pick any of the games mentioned below to your liking.

Space Marshal

Offline RPG Android Games

Space Marshal is an amazing RPG game in which you will play as Burton, a space marshal, whose mission is to find & take out all the bandits, fugitives & criminals. In this game, you will control the character from a top-down TPP perspective. You can carry four weapons, one one-handed & second two-handed, and two throwable weapons. 

Offline RPG Android Games_11

There is a wide variety of weapons to choose from like machine guns, pistols, crossbows, sniper rifles, throwing ax, poison arrows, sleep gas, etc. You can take covers behind obstacles, and use silent weapons to take down enemies one by one without letting anyone know. Stealth will be your main weapon in this game. Also, you can hack the enemy’s defense system and use them to take them out. 

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Offline RPG Android Games_12

Implosion is another one of the best RPG games that don’t require the internet to play. It has a great story and gameplay. Its graphics, combat effects, sound effects, and voice acting, all are top-notch. In this game, you will remotely control a high-tech battle suit known as War-Mech Series III Battle Suit that is on the earth. You will fight against the aliens called XADA who are trying to destroy the earth. 

Offline RPG Android Games_13

Now you are the only hope left to save humanity. You must use your amazing combat skills & abilities to kill all the XADAs and epic bosses. There are many types of long-range weapons, each with a unique specialty. You also have a sharp sword. You can use various combos to cut down the enemies in different styles. 


Offline RPG Android Games_9

In Postknight, you will play as a young knight. You will get the missions to deliver various things to certain locations. You will face dangerous monsters, mages, warriors, and bosses on the way. So, it will not be easy to deliver. You will have to kill all enemies that come your way. This game has the classic stats attribute distribution system that allows you to increase the character’s Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Vitality using the trait points. You can develop your character the way you prefer.

Offline RPG Android Games_8

By infusing various herbs, you can upgrade your healing potion and also select which of its traits upgrade such as healing power, cooldown, or buff. You will also meet various characters. You can give gifts to them to deepen your relationship with them. 

Epic Conquest

Offline RPG Android Games_14

Epic Conquest 1 & 2, both are amazing games with a great story. You can choose any two characters from four to play with and switch them to anyone during the battle. Each character has unique weapons & skill sets. You will go on adventures to complete the quests. But unexpected events will happen like an invasion of dangerous monsters & appearance of high-level rare beasts. You will awaken your special power to stop them.

Offline RPG Android Games_15

There are many interesting story-driven elements including romance in this game. It also has classic stats attribute distribution system to develop your character according to your playstyle. You can collect materials to upgrade your weapons & gears at the blacksmith shop. It is necessary to face strong enemies. 


Offline RPG Android Games_7

Eternium is an action-packed RPG game whose story revolves around your character whose village was burnt down by the minions of Ragadam. Your final goal is to find the Ragadam and kill him to take revenge. This game has simple controls like tap to move and swipe to cast skills. Before starting the game, you can select your class from Warrior, Bounty Hunter, and Mage. Each of these characters has 20+ unique abilities that you can upgrade to increase their damage & decrease CD time. 

Offline RPG Android Games_6

There are tank, healer & ranger companions to help you in your fights, each with unique skill sets. You will face various types of enemies on your journey such as zombies, automatons, dragons, skeletons, aliens, monsters, epic bosses, etc. 

Knights of Pen & Paper

Offline RPG Android Games_4

Knights of Pen & Paper is another great RPG game with pixel-art, retro-styled graphics. In this game, you can play as a dungeon master or an adventurer. As a dungeon master, you can set custom challenges for the adventurers. And as an adventurer, you can complete loads of quests and explore dungeons to earn amazing rewards. You will fight against many types of enemies in turn-based battles.

Offline RPG Android Games_5

To create your adventurer team, you get lots of hero classes, each with unique skills. You can equip armors, shields, and gears to make your team strong. Additionally, decorating the dungeon master room with good items will also grant you various perks and passive effects. You will love playing this pixelated game.

Shadow Fight 2

Offline RPG Android Games_18

Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed RPG game where you will duel with countless powerful enemies with your fists, kicks, deadly weapons, and shadow skills. It’s not a random fighting game but follows a story. A story of an undefeated warrior who opened the gate of the shadows in search of a worthy opponent. But this leads to his destruction which only left his shadow. Now he has to defeat the shadow demon bosses to regain his body. 

Offline RPG Android Games_19

It has multiple types of weapons like swords, nunchaku, spears, knives, armor suits & magical powers to beat the opponents. But weapons alone will not be enough to win the battles. You have to master your moves & skills to defeat all of them.

Cover Fire

Offline RPG Android Games_2

Cover Fire is a shooter RPG game with a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. It features four character classes – Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, & Hacker. There are 30+ characters. You can choose any character you like to build your team. You will go on missions around the world to stop terrorist activities. It has 12 chapters, each with 8+ missions followings the game’s story. You can choose the weapons & grenades from the arsenal to shoot down your enemies.

Offline RPG Android Games_3

It’s an offline game, but also includes online game modes & events like black ops, zombies survival, multiplayer battle, tournaments, etc. You can play any mode you like. It also has offline events to earn cool rewards.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Offline RPG Android Games_11

The Walking Dead, I guess you all know about this name as it’s also a Netflix series. This game follows the same storyline. You will come across Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Negan, and all other characters. In it, you have to build your base to survive against the zombie waves. To go on a supply run,  you will also need a team that can stand against the zombies and kills them. 

Offline RPG Android Games_10

For creating the team, you can use any survivor available in your base. Each survivor has a unique skill set that allows you to build countless unique teams. You can equip weapons, upgrade skills, and select the combat mods for all characters to make them stronger. One more thing, survivors are more dangerous than zombies. 


Offline RPG Android Games_16

EvoCreo is an open-world RPG game with pixel-art graphics. In this game, you will play as a monster trainer who aims to become the best monster trainer in the world. There are 170+ monsters in the world that you can catch and train to fight against other NPCs monsters in duels. You can also evolve them to a higher rarity & class monster with unique abilities. 

Offline RPG Android Games_17

Monsters are divided into various classes and have multiple traits. Depending on the class, a monster can have an advantage or disadvantage over another monster. So, you will have to choose the monster wisely while fighting against the monster. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other real players.


Which part of the Space Marshal is good and offline?

All parts of Space Marshal are offline and good. Each part continues the story of the prequel part. So, if you are considering playing this game, then start the first part to the third.

Do these games have endings or are these endless games?

Yes. All these mentioned games have endings. You can complete their stories in approx 30-40 hours of gameplay.

How many parts does Epic Conquest have?

Epic Conquest has two parts and both have a good action-packed story including romantic elements.


Role-playing games are great. They put you in the shoes of the main character and allow you to play the game, make decisions, and upgrade characters & skills as you like. You immerse yourself completely in the story. In this post, we have shared the 10 best offline games for Android that have great storylines. None of them require an internet connection. You can choose any of these games you prefer. We hope you found this article helpful. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!