Best Methods to Root BlueStacks 5
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Best Methods to Root BlueStacks 5 in 2022: Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

Hey guys! Today we will talk about the most popular android emulator – BlueStacks 5 and How to Root BlueStacks 5. If you have the same query, then have reached the right place. In this article, we are going to share two methods to root the BlueStacks 5 with its complete step-by-step guide along with their screenshots. So, stay with us and read the post till the end.

What is BlueStacks 5

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BlueStacks is the most popular android emulator that allows users to use Android applications on Windows and macOS. They can play all Android games like PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Ninja Arashi, etc. on their PC without facing any issues. BlueStacks provide the same Android device interface that makes it easy & familiar to use it. 

It includes Google Play Store and all other necessary pre-installed apps to help the users. They can install any app from the Play Store and use it. They can also download & store APKs on their PC and then install it manually. Whatever you can do on your Android smartphones, you can in BlueStacks too including rooting.

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Methods to Root BlueStacks

BlueStacks is just like an Android device that lets you use everything on it related to Android whether it’s installing APKs or using Android apps & games. There are others things too that we can do on Android like rooting it. So, can you do that in BlueStacks? The answer is yes. You can do that too in the BlueStacks which will allow you to do tweaks just like you do in the Android smartphones. Here, we are going to share two methods to root Android emulator – BlueStacks 5. 

Method 1: Edit BlueStacks.conf File to Root BlueStacks

You can edit the configuration file of the BlueStacks to root it. Here are the steps on how to root BlueStacks using its configuration file.

  • First, make sure that the BlueStack is closed and not running in the background too. If it’s running, then close it.
  • Then navigate to this location “C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks_nxt”. You can copy and paste this address in the address bar to directly navigate to the BlueStacks_nxt folder where its configuration file is stored. 
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  • Next, open the “BlueStacks.conf” file in Notepad. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _19
Methods to Root Bluestacks _20
  • Now, press the “CTRL+F” shortcut keys to open the Find and search for the “Root” word. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _21
  • In case there is only one BlueStacks instance, there will be two following lines with root words in it. 
    • bst.feature.rooting=”0″
    • bst.instance.Nougat32.enable_root_access=”0″
  • Now, replace 0 with 1 in all the lines having root words and save the file. 
  • Then launch the BlueStacks. 
  • To verify whether BlueStacks root is successful, open the Google Play Store and install the Root Checker Basic app on the BlueStacks.
  • Then open the Root Checker app and click on the Verify Root option.
  • It will show the root status. Here’s the screenshot that shows that the BlueStack is rooted successfully. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _22

Method 2: Root BlueStacks using BlueStacks Tweaker (BS Tweaker)

BlueStacks Tweaker is a PC software that you can use to tweak the BlueStacks 5 in simple few steps. It allows you to lock/unlock the root, patch/unpatch the Android, install the SuperSu and update the Su Binary. You can also use this application to install or flash the custom ROM to BlueStacks. 

In this method, we are going to use BlueStacks Tweaker 6 to root the BlueStacks. If you have a lower version like BlueStacks Tweaker 5, don’t worry. That will work too. Below are the steps to install BS Tweaker and how to use it to root the BlueStacks.

Steps to Install BlueStacks Tweaker

  • First of all, download BlueStacks Tweaker 6 from its official website – bstweaker
Methods to Root Bluestacks
  • Then go to the download folder and extract the downloaded ZIP.
  • Now open the extracted folder named BSTweaker.
  • You will see the following files in that folder.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _1
  • Then right-click on the “BlueStacksTweaker” and run it as an administrator. 
  • It will pop up the User Account Control window. Click on the Yes button. It will launch the BlueStacks Tweaker. 

Steps to Use BSTweaker to Root BlueStacks 5

  • Once you open the BSTweaker using the steps mentioned above, you will see the following screen. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _2
  • Now, switch to the “Root” tab. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _3
  • You will see all the BlueStacks instances on the main tab on the left side. 
  • Here, if you have multiple BlueStacks instances, then select the one that you want to root. (If it’s still running in the background, then force kill it.)
Methods to Root Bluestacks _4
  • Then click on the “Unlock” button. 
  • Now a warning window will pop up. Click on the OK button. It will start unlocking the root.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _5
  • Once done, you will see the message “Root Unlock True” at the bottom bar.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _6
  • Then click on the Play button to launch the BlueStacks. 

Install & Update SuperSu 

After launching the BlueStacks, you need to install the SuperSu and update Su Binary. To do that, follow the steps written below:

  • Open the BSTweaker and go to the root tab again.
  • Now, click on the “Install SuperSu” button and wait until the message “Install SuperSu True” is displayed at the bottom bar.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _7
  • It will install the SuperSu on the BlueStacks and you can see its icon on the home screen as shown in the screenshot below.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _8
  • Then, click on the “Update Su Binary” button and wait until the message “Update SuperSu True” is displayed at the bottom bar. It will also close the BlueStacks automatically. 
  • Now launch the BlueStacks again. 

Done. It will successfully root BlueStacks 5. You can also use this method to root BlueStacks 4 and other versions. 

Root Check Pro to Check the Root Status of the BlueStacks 5

To check if the BlueStacks 5 root is successful or not, you will need the Root Check Pro application. There’s also a basic version of this app on the Play Store but that version may not be able to verify the root status. Here, we are going to share the steps for installing the Root Check Pro along with how to use it to verify the root status.

Steps to Install Root Checker Pro

  • First of all, visit the BSTweaker official website –
  • Then click on the “UTILS” option shown at the top bar. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _9
  • Here, you will find the “Root Checker Pro APK” with a download button in front of it. Click on the Download button to download its APK.
Methods to Root Bluestacks _10
  • After the downloading is done, open the BlueStacks. 
  • Now click on the “Install APK” option displayed at the right menu bar. You can also use the “CTRL+SHIFT+B” shortcut. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _11
  • Then a window will open. Here, go to the folder where Root Checker Pro APK is stored (usually in the Download folder) and then select the APK and click on the Open button. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _12
  • It will install the Root Check Pro application on the BlueStacks. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _13

Steps to Use Root Checker Pro

  • Open the Root Checker Pro app on the BlueStacks. 
  • As it’s your first time opening the app, it will show a disclaimer. Click on the Agree button. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _14
  • Now click on the Verify Root option. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _15
  • Then click on the Grant option to give root access to the Root Checker Pro app. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _16
  • After that, it will check whether the BlueStacks is rooted or not. 
Methods to Root Bluestacks _17

As you can see in the above screenshot, the BlueStacks is rooted and the method we used to root BlueStacks 5 using BSTweaker is successful. 


Is it possible to root the BlueStacks?

Yes. It’s possible. You can root the BlueStacks using any of the methods mentioned in this post.

Is it safe to root BlueStacks?

There are low chances that BlueStacks become unstable after the root and start crashing. It may cause some issues. So, if you are rooting the BlueStacks, it’s at all your own risk. 

How to check if the rooting is successful or not?

You can install and use the Root Checker Pro app to verify the root status of the emulator.


BlueStacks 5 is, without a doubt, the best & fastest Android emulator on PC. Using it, you can play Android games & use apps with ease. You can also root it to get root access and customize it as you like. In this article, we have shared two methods to root BlueStacks 5 and older versions. We have also shared the screenshots with each step so that you won’t face any problem rooting the BlueStack. 

We hope you found this article helpful. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and reading. Have a nice day!